[The most interesting person you've never met]

Loves:My baller boyfriend, Eminem/*NSYNC/Zombies/Quentin Tarantino/Henry Rollins/Bruce Campbell/Obscure Indie movie actors Gay people/Cake/Broken things/broken individuals/Vintage robots/Crappy cars/Ghosts/Writing/Books/Movies/Music/Rain/People with extensive vocabularies/Puppies/Blood/ Biology/Psychology/Anatomy/Sad acoustic music/Pictures of water/Pictures of guys smoking.
 Hates: Pennies/poor grammar and closed mindedness.

ಠ_ಠ to anyone not 5T4S

"Other people are not medicine."

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"the raven" only its about macklemore. thanks for following my blog

once inside a thrift shop dreary, while i browsed there, weak and weary,

over many a quaint and curious greatcoat of forgotten bore—

while I nodded, puissance sapping, suddenly there came a yapping,

as of some one whitely rapping, rapping at my bargain store—

“‘tis some visitor,” i muttered, “rapping at my bargain store—

only this and macklemore.”

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Spongebob Strangepants
Mike Dubisch


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names are so weird it’s like what noise should i make to get your attention

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I need to find a way to do well in school, make money,fix my car,maintain my relationship and sleep—all without getting fat due to laziness…


"Just tell me how you fucking feel."

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