[The most interesting person you've never met]

Loves:My boyfriend, Eminem/*NSYNC/Zombies/Quentin Tarantino/Henry Rollins/Bruce Campbell/Obscure Indie movie actors e.g: Anton Yelchin,Justin Theroux,Lou Taylor Pucci,Ben Foster,Joseph-Gordon Levitt,Emile Hirsch,Jesse Eisenberg,Kieran Culkin,Matthew Gray Gubler.
Gay people/Cake/Broken things/broken individuals/Vintage robots/Crappy cars/Ghosts/Writing/Old Books/Movies/Music: Radiohead,Mew,Phoenix,Dave Matthews Band,The Clash,Hot Hot Heat,People in Planes,The Fray,Menomena,David Bowie,Iggy Pop,The Smiths.
Rain/People with extensive vocabularies/Puppies/Blood/ Biology/Psychology/Anatomy/Sad acoustic music/Pictures of water/Pictures of guys smoking.

Hates: Pennies/poor grammar and closed mindedness.

ಠ_ಠ to anyone not 5T4S

Hamilton Road-Ducktails

The coast is not so far away/For a weekday anyway

[Because this is what summer sounds like]


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    Hamilton Road - Ducktails
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    best song off this album. best song to listen when driving on the freeway. best song for the summer. best song for...
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    Hamilton Road - Ducktails
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